Waxing Hair Removal Without Skin Irritation

Male Hair Removal
Hair removal uses a laser that is selectively absorbed only by the black melanin pigment of hair follicles in the growth phase. This treatment uses a laser to selectively destroy hair follicles and hair roots with minimal effect on the skin, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands, making it safer and less irritating.
This treatment can be applied to any area (face/body) you might want your hair removed easily, quickly, and with minimal pain.
  • Treatment Time
    Treatment Time Varies by Treatment Area
    Approximately 5 - 10 Minutes
  • Anesthesia
    Anesthesia Topical/Ointment Anesthesia
    (Approximately 20 - 30 Minutes)
  • Recovery Period
    Recovery Period Immediate Return to Daily Life Possible
  • Maintenance Period
    Maintenance Period Based on 5 - 10 Sessions
    : Over 3 Years
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toxnfill toxin
Male Hair Removal
Recommended for People Like This:
  • POINT 1

    Those who are tired of shaving every morning

  • POINT 2

    Those who want soft and smooth skin

  • POINT 3

    Those who want to neatly and cleanly take care of their hair

Treatment Process
  • STEP 1
    Customized Consultation
  • STEP 2
    Photo Shoot
    (Before the Treatment)
  • STEP 3
    (Ointment Anesthesia)
  • STEP 4
Effects and Recommended Treatment Cycle
  • 1 We recommend receiving follow-up treatments at 4 - 6 week intervals.

  • 2 The recommended number of treatments varies depending on the individual's hair amount and quality. After the first 5 treatments, additional treatments are recommended depending on the amount of hair remaining.

Treatment Q&A
  • Q. Is there anything I need to prepare before hair removal?
    Toxnfill Please visit the clinic after shaving the treatment area 1 - 2 days before the treatment.
  • Q. If I get laser hair removal, will the hair disappear right away?
    Toxnfill Laser hair removal treatment does not provide 100% immediate hair removal results. When laser hair removal is performed, heat energy is applied to the hair and hair follicle/root, which cauterizes the hair. The cauterized hairs will fall out on their own over 1 - 2 weeks.
  • Q. Is it true that if you receive laser hair removal treatment more than 5 times, it will be permanent hair removal?
    Toxnfill When treated more than 5 times, hair thickness and hair growth cycle are semi-permanently reduced. It doesn't mean hair will stop growing permanently.

Self-care has as much of an impact on treatment effectiveness as maintenance.
Please read the precautions and follow them carefully.

  • Depending on the individual, temporary redness and slight swelling may occur for approximately 1 - 2 days after the treatments. These side effects will fade naturally.
  • You can apply makeup, wash your face, and shower on the same day as the treatment.
  • It is recommended you avoid saunas/jimjillbangs and hot baths for approximately a week after the treatment.
  • Please be careful not to engage in waxing/tanning/hair pulling, etc. during the treatment period.
  • If you go out with your treatment area exposed, we recommend using sunscreen.
  • If dryness occurs, we recommend using a moisturizer.
  • After the hair removal treatment, the cauterized hairs fall out naturally over 1 - 2 weeks.
  • In rare cases, folliculitis/blisters/scabs may occur. If you experience any further discomfort, please contact the hospital.
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