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PHA Peeling (Multox)
PHA Peeling (Multox) applies PHA ingredients to the skin to prevent aging and provide excellent antioxidant effects.
Along with this, by forming a fine film on the skin, the treatment helps retain moisture and increase skin elasticity. Through its high moisturizing effect and skin barrier improvement, PHA Peeling can create dewy, glowing skin that sparkles from within.
  • Skin Moisturizing
  • Skin Whitening
  • Skin Trouble Reduction
  • Elasticity Enhancement
  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Tone/Texture Enhancement
PHA Multox Principle

Use a Fine Film to Create Moist and Glowing Skin

  • step1

    Dry skin with decreased elasticity
  • step2

    PHA Multox Peeling forms a fine film on the skin, retaining moisture and enhancing skin elasticity
  • step3

    Improving the skin’s protective barrier provides a high moisturizing effect along with moist and elastic skin

For concerning dry skin that has lost elasticity,
PHA Multox Peeling forms a fine film to help retain moisture and enhance skin elasticity,
providing moisture and a stronger protective barrier.

PHA Multox Features
An Irremovable Moisturizing
  • 1

    Hydro Film Formation

    Maintain and Supply Skin Moisture
  • 2

    MMP Enzyme Inhibition

    Anti-Aging Effects due to Antioxidants
  • 3

    Amphoteric Neutralization Method

    Patented Method to Reduce Skin Damage
  • 4

    8 Hydroxl Groups

    Excellent Hydration
  • 5

    Suitable for All Skin Types

    Treatment with Minimal Skin Irritation
PHA Multox Advantages
  • Excellent Moisturizing

    PHA Ingredients pull and bind together multiple water molecules to provide excellent moisturizing effects.
  • Anti-Aging

    PHA ingredients inhibit MMP enzymes that destroy collagen and elastin fibers by UV rays and heat, resulting in an anti-aging effect.
  • Water That Shines From Within

    The hydro film helps maintain moisture in the skin, result in dewy skin that sparkles from within.
  • Skin Damage, Irritation DOWN

    The patented amphoteric neutralization method reduces protein damage, resulting in minimal skin damage and irritation.
toxnfill toxin
PHA Peeling (Multox)
Recommended for People Like This:
  • POINT 1

    Those who want to improve their skin through management rather than injections or lasers

  • POINT 2

    Those who are concerned about dry and cracked skin

  • POINT 3

    Those who want to refine skin texture and moisturize at the same time

Treatment Process
  • STEP 1
    PHA Self-Cleansing
  • STEP 2
    PHA Booster
  • STEP 3
    PHA Peeling
  • STEP 4
    Device Management
  • STEP 5
    Clay Mask
  • STEP 6
    Velvet Mask
  • STEP 7
Effects and Recommended Treatment Cycle
  • 1 We recommend receiving this treatment at least 5 - 10 times at 1-week intervals.

Treatment Q&A
  • Q. How long is the treatment?
    Toxnfill While this depends on the individual, treatment usually takes longer than 1 hour.
  • Q. What are the advantages of PHA Peeling?
    Toxnfill Unlike existing AHA peelings, PHA Peeling has a large moisture binding and retention capacity, forming a thin moisturizing film on the skin surface. In addition to exfoliation, you can expect improved moisture supply and moisturizing power.
    It can be applied to sensitive skin as there is less irritation such as heat and stinging after the treatment.

Self-care has as much of an impact on treatment effectiveness as maintenance.
Please read the precautions and follow them carefully.

  • Occasionally, you may experience tightness as your skin forms a moisturizing film from the PHA ingredients. This side effect will quickly fade.
  • You may experience slight redness and swelling but these side effects are temporary. If you are concerned or feel that the condition is severe, please visit the hospital.
  • When using home care cosmetics after the treatment, you may feel some pressure or heaviness, but these side effects will quickly fade as the dead skin cells become refined.
  • It is recommended you avoid excessive drinking, saunas/jimjillbangs, hot baths and strenuous exercise for approximately a week after the treatment.
  • * Maintenance may vary depending on the individual’s skin condition.
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