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Benev/Rejuran Healer
This booster contains MGF, which is excellent for skin collagen and fiber cell regeneration. It injects PDRN growth factors into the skin, promoting rapid regeneration of skin tissue.
By synthesizing fibroblasts and collagen in the dermal tissue of the skin, this treatment regenerates damaged skin and has an excellent whitening effect.
  • Treatment Time
    Treatment Time Approximately 15 Minutes
  • Anesthesia
    Anesthesia Topical/Ointment Anesthesia
    (Approximately 20 - 30 Minutes)
  • Recovery Period
    Recovery Period Immediate Return to Daily Life Possible
  • Maintenance Period
    Maintenance Period Based on 1 Session: Approximately 1 - 2 Months
    Based on 3 Sessions: Approximately 6 Months
Recommended for People Like This:
  • POINT 1

    Those with scarred or damaged skin

  • POINT 2

    Those considering anti-aging treatment

  • POINT 3

    Those who want smooth skin texture

Treatment Process
  • STEP 1
    Customized Consultation
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
    Toner Cleaning
  • STEP 4
  • STEP 5
  • STEP 6
Effects and Recommended Treatment Cycle
  • 1 Depending on the individual, we recommend receiving this treatment at least 5 times at 1 - 2 week intervals to see visible results.

Treatment Q&A
  • Q. What is the Benev/Rejuran Healer treatment method?
    Toxnfill This treatment is performed by creating a very small hole on the skin surface with a micro-electric needle, applying a regenerative ampoule (Rejuran Healer) or growth factor ampoule (Benev) and allowing it to be absorbed.
  • Q. What is the difference between Benev and Rejuran Healer?
    Toxnfill The two treatments have different ingredients.

    Rejuran Healer uses PDRN extracted from salmon as the main ingredient. This ingredient helps in skin regeneration by inducing smooth regeneration of damaged cells.
    Benev is composed of growth factors called Multi-Growspecta (MGF), and improves the skin condition by replenishing growth factors that decrease due to aging.

Self-care has as much of an impact on treatment effectiveness as maintenance.
Please read the precautions and follow them carefully.

  • It is recommended you avoid excessive drinking, saunas/jimjillbangs, hot baths and strenuous exercise for approximately a week after the treatment.
  • Depending on the individual, slight swelling and pain, embossing, bruising, or redness of the skin may appear after the treatment, but these side effects should fade quickly.
  • Please frequently use moisturizer and regenerating cream. Be sure to apply sunscreen when going out.
  • After the treatment, you may feel itchy and see small dead skin cells. The itchy feeling will soon fade and the dead skin cells will naturally fall off. Please avoid tearing at them with your hands or using scrub products.
  • Following the treatment, we recommend washing your face with lukewarm water as this is more effective at helping retain the treatment effects.
  • Please avoid using scrubs or peeling treatments.
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