Filler / Sculptra Sculpted Facial Contours Without Surgery

Face Filler
Face Filler creates volume and reduces wrinkles by injecting filler containing hyaluronic acid where facial volume and wrinkle reduction are needed.
This treatment is mainly performed on the forehead/nose/cheeks/nasolabial folds/under the eyes, tip of the chin, etc. You can expect a more youthful appearance after the treatment.
At Toxnfill, we only use fillers containing hyaluronic acid, which is safe and attracts moisture equivalent to approximately 300 - 1000 times its own weight.
  • Treatment Time
    Treatment Time Varies By Treatment Area
    Approximately 10 - 20 Minutes
  • Anesthesia
    Anesthesia Topical/Ointment Anesthesia
    (Approximately 20 - 30 Minutes)
    & Local Anesthesia
  • Recovery Period
    Recovery Period Immediate Return to Daily Life Possible
  • Maintenance Period
    Maintenance Period Domestic: Approximately 6 - 12 Months
    Imported: Approximately 12 - 18 Months
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Face Filler
Recommended for People Like This:
  • POINT 1

    Those who want a youthful face with more volume

  • POINT 2

    Those who want to make the bridge of their nose clear and their forehead thicker.

  • POINT 3

    Those who want to see results with a simple 1-time treatment rather than surgery

  • POINT 4

    Those who want to give their flat face a 3-dimensional look with a simple treatment

Treatment Process
  • STEP 1
    Customized Consultation
  • STEP 2
    Photo Shoot
    (Before Treatment)
  • STEP 3
    (Ointment Anesthesia/Local Anesthesia)
  • STEP 4
  • STEP 5
  • STEP 6
    Photo Shoot
    (After the Treatment)
Effects and Recommended Treatment Cycle
  • 1 In the case of fillers, the maintenance period varies depending on the individual, treatment area, and product. Generally, the maintenance period for domestic fillers is 6 - 12 months, and 12 - 18 months for imported fillers.

  • 2 Follow-up treatments are possible after the initial bruising and swelling subside. We recommend that you make a decision after sufficient consultation with the medical staff.

Treatment Q&A
  • Q. What is the difference between Botox and Filler?
    Toxnfill Botox is a treatment that relieves facial wrinkles or smooths lines by releasing muscle strength. For example, forehead Botox helps prevent forehead wrinkles by controlling the movement of forehead muscles by filling in volume and shaping the flat forehead.

    Filler is a treatment that adds volume to sagging areas and beautifies the appearance.
    Filler can be applied to areas such as the forehead / chin / lips / front cheekbones / cheeks / nasolabial folds / bridge of the nose / lips / under the eyes / facial area.
  • Q. What is the difference between Filler and Sculptra?
    Toxnfill Fillers are made of safe substances such as hyaluronic acid in a gel form, which when injected into the body, immediately create volume.

    Sculptra is made of collagen production-inducing substance (PLLA), and when injected into the skin, gradually creates volume through collagen production over a certain period of time.
  • Q. Do you prefer domestic or imported fillers? What's the difference?
    Toxnfill Although they have the same ingredients, imported fillers that have been used around the world for a long time have relatively good viscoelasticity and many different types of particles, allowing for more sophisticated treatments depending on the treatment area.

    If you are considering the economic aspect, we recommend a widely used domestic filler product, and if you place more importance on safety and stability, we recommend an imported product.

Self-care has as much of an impact on treatment effectiveness as maintenance.
Please read the precautions and follow them carefully.

  • You may wash your face and apply makeup 2 - 3 hours after the treatment. After 24 hours, please remove the Duoderm attached to the treatment area.
  • Please continue to take the prescribed medication for 3 days to prevent inflammation and relieve pain. If you have a history of antibiotic allergy, please be sure to let us know.
  • It is recommended you avoid excessive drinking, saunas/jimjillbangs, hot baths and strenuous exercise for approximately a week after the treatment.
  • Bruising, swelling, pain, and a foreign body sensation may occur, but most side effects are relieved within 1 - 2 weeks. However, if the pain gets worse, changes in skin color, blisters, itchiness, or heat at the treatment area persist even after taking the prescribed medication, please contact the hospital.
  • The treated area may experience changes in shape due to external pressure, so be careful to avoid putting pressure on the treated area for 2 - 3 weeks. (Example: Wearing a hat, sleeping face down or on your side, wearing glasses, avoiding ultrasound and high frequency treatment, and facial massages).
  • If you experience any other inconveniences, please contact the hospital.
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