Website Terms of Use

Chapter 1. General Provisions

The purpose of this Terms of Use is to set forth conditions, procedures and other required matters in using service (hereafter “Service”) offered by Toxnfill (hereafter “Company”).

Article 2. (Definition of Terms)

The Terms herein shall be defined as follows:
1. ‘Member’ refers to individuals with user ID granted by offering their personal information to receive service and are classified as regular Member and free Member.
2. ‘User ID’ refers to the combination of characters and numbers for the purpose of registered Member identification and Member service use.
3. ‘Password’ refers to the combination of characters and numbers designated by a Member for the purpose of confirming that a Member’s ID corresponds to the Member and protecting his/ her rights.
4. ‘Termination’ refers to Termination of Service use contract between the Company and Member after opening of the Service.

Article 3. (Effect, Modification, and Adoption of Terms of Use)

1. This Terms of Use is effective by displaying it on the service screen or by announcing to the Members through other means.
2. The Company may modify this Terms of Use and in such case, the Company shall announce the effective date, the reasons of such modification, and amended contents along with the current Terms of Use at least 7 days prior to the effective date on the service screen.
3. In the case of addition of new contents to service it shall follow this Terms of Use as long as other particular condition is not provided.
4. Items not covered in this Terms of use shall comply with Electronic Commerce Fundamental Law, Telecommunications Business Act, and other relevant laws and service use instructions.

Chapter 2 Registration Agreement

Article 4 (User Agreement)

1. if user presses ‘I agree’ button of Terms of Use Agreement for registration, it shall be considered agreement to the Terms of use.

Article 5 (Registration)

1. Registration agreement shall be established when the User who agreed to this Terms of Use submits all User information requested in registration form set by the Company, and the Company approves it.
2. All user information entered in registration forms for using services is regarded as actual data, and users who do not enter their real names or actual information are not legally protected and may be restricted from services.

Article 6 (Approval of Registration)

1. The Company approves application for use of services from customers who apply for Membership under Article 5, except in the cases of subparagraphs 2 and 3.

2. In any of the following cases, the Company may withhold Membership approval until the causes of the restriction are resolved.
① Overload on service-related facilities (2013-02-20)
② Technical issues
③ Payment for paid content not made by a Member
④ Other cases in which the Company deems necessary

3. The Company may not accept it in any of the following cases:
① Application made in the name of another person
② Submitting false personal information upon registration
③ Application with the purpose of disturbing public order or customs of the society.
④ If requirements for application set by the Company are not met

Article 7 (Change of User Information)

If user information entered at the time of registration for use of services is changed, users must modify it online. Users will be responsible for any issues caused by the failure to perform this.

Article 8 (Consent to Use of User Information)

① Membership information for the application form required by the Company is used in order to fulfill the contract and provide services as per the contract.
② Membership information may be provided to affiliated businesses in order to provide Members with easy access to services from the affiliated businesses. In this case, the Company will notify its Members in advance, and Members who disagree may cancel the registration. However, Members who continue to use the services are considered to have agreed to this.
③ The Company may send cookies to a Member's computer through its services. Members may change their web browser settings to refuse receiving cookies or get warnings on cookies

Chapter 3 Obligations of the Contract Provider

Article 9 (Obligations of the Company)

1. The Company does not engage in acts prohibited by law and conditions included in the terms of use and strives to provide continuous and stable services.

2. The Company may not disclose or distribute the personal information of Members acquired in connection with the provision of services to others without prior consent from Members. However, this may not apply to cases falling under any of the following subparagraphs.
① In the event of a request from a state agency as per the provisions of the Framework Act on Telecommunications, etc.z
② In the event of criminal investigation or a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee
③ In the event of a request as per the procedures prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations,

3. The Company may produce and use statistical data on whole or partial personal information for business purposes within the scope of paragraph 2.

Article 10 (Personal Information Protection Policy)

The Company strives to protect personal information provided upon registration and records of financial transaction information acquired while offering services to its Members. The protection of personal information of Members may be achieved as per the Company's personal information protection policies and relevant national law

Article 11 (Duties of Members)

1. Members must provide accurate personal information upon registration. Members are also responsible for maintaining their personal information up to date.

2. Members are responsible for maintaining their ID and password and are fully responsible for all consequences of using their ID and password. In addition, if your ID and password are used without your consent, you must notify the Company immediately.

3. Members must comply with the matters stipulated in these terms and conditions and related laws, information on service use, and notices and cautions announced by the Company.

4. Members must not engage in any of the following acts.
① The act of using the user number (ID) of another Member
② The act of copying, changing, or providing information obtained from the service to others for purposes other than personal use by the Member without prior consent from the Company
③ Infringement of copyright of the Company or other individuals
④ The act of spreading contents which disturb public order or customs.
⑤ Acts which may be considered criminal
⑥ Other acts that violate relevant law and regulations

5. Members must comply with the restrictions on use posted or announced by the Company

6. Members must not engage in commercial activities without prior consent from the Company

Article 12 (Non-transfer)

Members may not transfer or donate the right to services or status under the contract of use to others, and may not provide it as collateral.

Chapter 4. Use of Service

Article 13. (Information Provision)

The Company may provide various information necessary for Members’s use of Service via e-mail or post and Members may refuse receiving information by expressing refusal receive via e-mail.

Article 14. (Deletion of Post)

The Company is not responsible for any contents that Members transmits as post, via e-mail and other means, and in the case of any of the following cases may delete them without any prior agreement process with the Member.
① In the case of criticizing a particular individual or invade individual’s privacy or defame an individual.
② In the case of possibility of damaging stable operation of the Service.
③ In the case of possibility of violating copyrights of individual or Company.
④ In the case of expiration of Company’s retention period for postings.
⑤ In the case of contents deemed to be related to criminal act and violate related laws.

Article 15. (Service Usage Time)

1. In principle, services shall be available for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year unless there is any particular technological checkup time. In such case, the Company will announce this in advance.
2. The Company may restrict the part or whole of the service in case of service disruption due to technical problem for service or force majeure such as traffic overload.
3. The Company may set separate time for some of the service use and in such case the Company shall announce the service use time to the Members in advance.

Article 16. (Responsibility of Service Use)

The Members shall not carry illegal commercial act, business act like advertisement, hacking, illegal distribution of commercial software, posting sexual posts and the Company shall not be responsible for any damage and legal measures from the relevant institute.

Article 17. (Cessation of Service Provision)

1. The Company can stop providing Service in any of the circumstances as follows:
① Expansion of operation and repair.
② Cessation of telecommunication service by telecommunications business operators designated by Telecommunication Business Act.
③ Impossibility of service provision due to other force majeure.

2. The Company will announce about the cessation of service provision to the Members except in case of uncontrollable situations such as national state of emergency and natural disaster.

Chapter 5. Termination of Agreement and Restriction of Use

Article 18. (Termination of Agreement and Restriction of Service Use)

1. In case a Member wants to cancel the registration agreement, he/ she must report his/ her own name, ID, registration number and etc. to the Company and apply for cancellation.
2. The Company may terminate registration agreement or stop service use without prior notice in case of any of the following circumstances:
① Intentionally disrupting Company’s service operation.
② Distributing content violating public order and good morals and manner.
③ Wrongly using another Member’s ID, password.
④ Entering false information while registration.
⑤ Illegally copying, distributing or using service contents for commercial purposes without the Company’s prior notice.
⑥ Defaming others or distributing illegal software.
⑦ Violating relevant laws.

Chapter 6. Intellectual Property Rights

Article 19 (Intellectual Property Rights)

1. Members are entitled to rights and responsible for contents they upload to the services. The Company may not use them for commercial purposes without prior consent from Members.
2. Members may not use, modify, lend, distribute, or transfer all or part of materials, services, software, trademarks that belong to the Company or affiliated business without written consent from the Company.

Chapter 7 Compensation for Damages and Court Jurisdiction

Article 20 (Compensation for Damages)

The Company may not be responsible for any damage incurred during free services unless it was deliberate or due to negligence of the Company.

Article 21 (Disclaimer)

1. The Company will be exempted from related liability if it is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure.
2. The Company will be exempted from related liability if difficulty in using services occurs due to Members’ violation of terms and conditions provided by the Company.
3. The Company will not be responsible for the loss of profits expected by Members using the services. The Company is also exempted from liability for damage caused by choices made by Members on data.
4. The Company is not responsible for credibility and accuracy of information, data, and contents uploaded by Members while using the services.
5. The Company is not obligated to intervene in service-related disputes among Members and third parties. The Company is also not liable to compensate for losses caused by such disputes.
6. Members must make full compensation to the Company for losses caused by violation of the terms and conditions. Members must also indemnify the Company against any related responsibilities.

Article 22 (Court Jurisdiction)

Should service-related lawsuits, such as issues with service fees, be filed against the Company, they will be settled in the district court that has jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s head office.

[Addendum] (effective date)This Agreement shall be effective from July 11, 2013.